The Incarcerations – BK16 and the search for Democracy in India by Alpa Shah

21 Apr 2024

feat. picturemaker photography

my probably furthest distributed image of this one special moment, in the
Janhit office together with Sudha Bharadwaj one fine afternoon in April 2014.

Dort wo meine Geschichte in «Rich Lands of Poor People» aufhört, setzt Alpa Shah an.

Und in einer kleinen Referenz findet gar meine Geschichte Erwähnung:

«A Swiss photographer who documented the story, an patricipated in a union march in 2014, was denied re-entry to India in 2016.»

Press-Release «The Incarcerations» by Alpha Shah

‘A sinister, fascistic wind is blowing across our divided planet; in today’s India, it has reached gale force velocity. Shah has written a gripping and rigorous crime story about the murder of a once thriving democracy, exposing an arsenal of lethal weapons, some wielded on the streets, others in the courts and press. As importantly, The Incarcerations is the story of an extraordinary group of political prisoners – principled individuals who have lost their freedom, but not their belief in a radi- cally better world.’

Auswahl von Screenshots, wo die Bilder, die ich der #FreeSudha Kampagne zur Verfügung gestellt hatte, überall auftauchen.
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