30 Dec 2014

India summarized at a glance - cuttings of Indian local English language newspapers / April 2014

Dear friends

It will be Holcim's 10 year jubilee in India in 2015 - I am still working towards challenging the «Holcim-Industrious-Epic» and hope to publish my side of the story in spring/summer 2015. Currently searching funds for book-release and exhibition.

Deconstructing Holcim's «Industrious»

After re-visiting the protagonists in spring 2014, the challenge in the second half of the year was to find the artistic relevance of this work. It is the only way I have a chance to get this story out there: by the means of Art. Mainstream media is not really interested in digging deeper into the story. They need scandals, sex and murder in order to make the struggle of the contract workers in India mainstream-media news. Still, Holcim is ranked as highly «sustainable» in the investors portfolios. The OECD-mediation process has been concluded but the outcome is still confidential. Surprise-Magazine is on the case and is going to investigate further. Another Scheidegger/Blumer collaboration.

Also WOZ - and the Unia-Paper reported on the Swiss visit of Shalini Gera, Lakhan Sahu and Raj Kumar Sahu. This spring I met Lakhan Sahu in India in prison and in autumn we were strolling together through the streets of Bern.

Surprise Nr. 323, «Surprise in India» on sale across Switzerland from 11. April - 1. Mai 2014
von Florian Blumer (Text) und Karin Scheidegger (Bild)
WOZ Nr. 44 / 30.10.14 «Der Hund ist teurer als der Arbeiter»
von Dominik Gross (Text) und Karin Scheidegger (Bild)
«The dog is more expensive than the worker»
was also published on the Indian News Service Sanhati on 10.12.14
Work - Regionalbeilage Nr. 4 / 21.11.14
by Hanspeter Schmutz (Text) und Karin Scheidegger (Bilder)
Video by IndustriALL, Matthias Hartwich, feat. Raj Kumar and Lakhan,
published on-line 06.11.14
Lakhan Sahu on Swiss Radio SRF 25.10.14

Mobile-Snap 28.03.2014: Lala Ram Dhruv and Lakhan Sahu in the prison of Baloda-Bazaar (after malicious prosecution by Holcim Security Guard). More about this story here.

Bern, 23.10.2014: Shalini Gera, Lakhan Sahu and Raj Kumar Sahu on the way to Swiss Radio SRF

Business as usual. As if never anything had happened on 17.04.2013.

Most inspiring person in 2014: Pragati Sahu, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, 2014